Dust Test Chamber is designed to simulate dust in controlled atmosphere. It aims to determine the degree of protection against harmful deposits of dust (IP5X) and against ingress of dust (IP6X).  Numeral 5 allows a limited quantity of dust to penetrate the enclosure under certain conditions.  Numeral 6 does not allow any dust to penetrate. 

There are mainly two kinds of test - (F) suspension dust & (C) flow dust, to test dust-resistance for safety of operation   


  • LCD touch screen controller
  • Interior & exterior is non-magnetic stainless steel
  • Large viewing window with extruder rubber wiper with rotating handle
  • Special designed nozzle, uniform suspension dust
  • Floating dust agitation with air velocity control by speed adjustable blower and motor
  • Aerial current agitation with variable rpm blower motor and filtration of dust at sucking sections
  • With vacuum unit generates the vacuum pressure in the sample and also the air leakage to the sample.
  • Vacuum unit consists of vacuum pump, vacuum meter,  filter to catch the talcum powder
  • With digital flow meter to measure flow rate at sample during vacuum excavation (option)
  • Temperature range: Rm to 40C
  • Square mesh sieve: 75um
  • High density dust filter
  • With timer control
  • With heater 
  • With lamp & power supply
  • With shelf for easy to place specimen
  • Talcum powder: 2kg/m3 (replace for every 20 tests)
  • With operation manual


  • With humidity control


IEC-60529 DIN-40050 IP5X & IP6X, SAE-J575, ISO-20653 and IEC-60068-2-68 standards

Model JTH-D-1000F JTH-D-1000C
Internal Dimension mm (WxDxH) 1000x1000x1000 1000x1000x1000
External Dimension mm (WxDxH) 1500x1100x1800 1500x1100x1800
Dust Test Suspension dust Flow dust
Test Application F1 F2 F3 IEC60529
Dust Concentration (mg/m3) 60000 above 3000 above 100 above 5000 above 100 above
Flow rate (m/s) no limit 5 10
Test Cycling Controller Time control
0 ~ 999 sec , 0 ~ 99 HR
Time control
0 ~ 99 HR
Power 3phase 400Vac 50/60Hz

* custom size also available

Walkin Dust Chamber (Custom design with temperature & humidity control as option)