Meet JIS-D 0203 , SAE J2245, SAE J575, IEC 60529 IP levels 3, 4, 5, or 6 Standard

Rain spray system can be operate with or without inside chamber


Water Dripping Test ( Meet IPX1 and IPX2 test) 

  • Model: DR1000 (without chamber)
  • Model: JTH-DR1000 (with chamber)
  • LCD touch screen controller with PLC control
  • Drip box size: 1000x1000mm (or 500x500mm) ,  (custom size available)
  • Needle diameter: 0.4mm
  • Distance between needle: 20mm
  • Dropping rate: 1mm+0.5mm/min (IPX1), 3mm+0.5mm/min (IPX2) 
  • Dropping height: 200mm (adjustable)
  • With timer, flow display
  • With rotating table, diameter 700mm, 1rpm, with 15o tilt plate, height adjustable    
  • Meet  IEC60529, IEC60598  

Rain Spray System ( Meet IPX3 and IPX4,4K test)  

  • Model: RS1000 (without chamber)

  • Model: JTH-RS1000 (with chamber)

  • LCD Touch Screen Display and Control

  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

  • Nozzle distance: 50mm

  • Flow rate: 0.07L/min (IPX3,4), 0.6+/-0.5L/min (IPX4K)

  • Arm Radius: 300mm, 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm or 1500mm

  • Rotating angle: +/-270, adjustable.

  • Rotating speed: adjustable

  • Rotating table:  speed is adjustable

  • Adjustable spray flow and spray time. 

  • With 0-400kPa adjustable pressure regulator

  • All 304 stainless steel design


Hand Held Spray Nozzle ( Meet IPX3 and IPX4 test)

  • Model: HH-34

  • Low cost alternative to oscillating spray test

  • complete test device includes nozzle head, moving shield, pressure gauge, handle, flow control and shut off valve, and any connecting hose. 

  • Material: All S.S. include spherical cap of the spray nozzle

  • Hole diameter: 0.5mm

  • No. of holes: 121

  • Water flow: 10L/min

  • Meet IEC60335





Jet Nozzle ( Meet IPX5 and IPX6 test)

  • Model: RJ-01 with 6.3mm nozzle diameter, for IPX5 test .  Water flow: 12.5L/min.

  • Model: RJ-02 with 12.5mm nozzle diameter, for IPX6 test. Water flow: 100L/min.

  • Meet IEC60529, IEC60335





Jet Nozzle ( Meet JIS-D0203 test)

  • Model: JN-01

  • S1,S2 with 40 nozzle heads

  • R1, R2 with 2 nozzle heads

  • S1 Spray with nozzles at 14.2 psi. Flow rate: 24.5 L/m

  • S2 Spray with nozzles at 42.7 psi for 60 minutes. Flow rate: 39.2 L/m

  • R1 spray with nozzles at 4.3 psi for 10 minutes. Flow rate:  1.9 L/min

  • R2 spray with nozzles at 1.4 psi for 10 minutes. Flow rate: 3.2 L/min

  • Meet JIS-D0203



Water Pumping System (For IPX1,2,3,4,5,6) 

  • Water pump for large flow: 0-7m3/h

  • Water pump for small flow: 0-3m3/h

  • With water filter

  • With high pressure hose

  • With pressure display and water flow display    

Built-in with Environmental Chamber   

  • Model: JTH-

  • LCD touch screen digital display

  • Temperature range: Rm to 70C (-40C to 70C as option)

  • With rotating table

  • Material: 304 S.S. both interior and exterior

  • With viewing window

  • With castors



Custom design available on request:

  • Example Built-in rain spray system with UV lamps inside the chamber