The Xenon Aging Chamber JTH-XE is designed to simulate full sunlight spectrum to produce destructive effect on material.  The chamber can simulates the light, temperature, rainfall (spray) and condensing (humidity).



  • LCD Touch Screen Controller,  programmable of temperature, humidity, spray and radiation
  • Humidity: 30-98%RH
  • Air temperature: RT to 80C (-25 to 80C as option)
  • Blackboard Temperature: 55-200C 
  • Radiation: 10-330W/m2 @300-400nm range
  • Light Source: Xenon Lamp (air cool or water cool)
  • Spray Nozzle: flow adjustable


  • Meet ISO, ASTM, BS, SAE standard
Model JTH-XE150 JTH-XE400
Internal Dimension (HxWxD) 600x500x500mm 800x600x800mm (larger size is available)
External Dimension (HxWxD) 1800x1000x1000mm 2000x1100x1300mm
Technical Spec Temperature Range RT to 100C (or -20 to 100C)
Humidity Range 50-98%RH (or 20-98%RH)
Spray Time 0 to 32000min, adjustable
Spray Cycle On/off interval , adjustable
Spectral Wavelength 10-330W/m2 adjustable @300-400nm range
Light Source Xenon lamp (air-cool) or (water cool)
xenon Lamp Power 2kW,  3kW, 4.5KW 6kW or 7.5kW
System Controller

LCD Touch Screen Programmable Controller;

Light, temperature, humidity, spray, time are programmable

Accuracy +/-1C , +/-2%RH
Temperature Sensor PT100ohm
Humidity Sensor Wet dry bulb
Heating System S.S. heater
Humidity System S.S. boiler
Blackboard Temperature Bimetal thermometer blackboard 55-200degC
Water Supply With auto water refill system with filter
Humidity Irradiation: 30-80%RH, Darkly: up to 90%RH
Material interior and exterior 304 stainless steel
sample holder 304 stainless steel
xenon glass window radiation-proof glass window
Protection Phase protection, MCCB protection, short circuit, over temperature, water shortage, motor overheat and over current protection
Power Supply 3 phase 400Vac 50/60Hz

* custom design available