The Salt Spray Chamber are specialized to test the performance of the products for its surface of various materials after treatment of corrosive protection by means of painting, coating, galvanizing, anodizing and of lubricant.
  • Comply to international standards: CNS3627, 3885, 4159, 7669, 8886, JIS Do201, H8502, H8610, K5400, Z2371, ISO3768, 3769, 3770, 9227, ASTM B117, B268
  • Capacity: 110, 270, 480, 640L
  • with LCD touch screen controller operation, PID control with 0.1C precision
  • auto water supply when the water is too low
  • precise Pyrex it falls on the surface of the products being tested the difference of fallen mist preese pyrex guarantees no crystallized salt
  • with double over-heat protect and water low alert to ensure safety
  • with timer control
  • with thermometer
  • spray tower with cone sprayer, to direct fog, regulate fog amount make the fog dispersing evenly
  • hanter principle is used to make the saturated air hot and moist to keep the humidity in the test chamber

Model SP110 SP270 SP510 SP960 SP1440
Internal Dimension (cm), WxDxH 60x45x40 90x60x50 120x85x50 160x100x55 200x120x60
External Dimension (cm), WxDxH 105x63x107 138x91x128 220x120x145 260x145x155 300x165x160
Temperature in Chamber

NSS ACSS 35degC+/-1degC / CASS 50degC+/-1degC

Temperature in Air Saturated Tank

NSS ACSS 50degC+/-1degC / CASS 63degC+/-1degC

Capacity 110L 270L 510L 960L 1440L
Salt Solution Tank Size 15L 25L 40L 50L 80L
Power Supply 220-240Vac 50/60Hz